2941 Restaurant: A Romantic and Symbolic Setting for Weddings

By Helena Tavares Kennedy | Photos Provided by 2941 Restaurant

With over 100 weddings per year, you can understand why 2941 Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Falls Church, needs a large and helpful staff to serve guests. Ideal for celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or corporate parties, it's an even better place for brides and grooms to consider for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers or even their special wedding day. In fact, it was recently named one of “America's 10 Most Romantic Restaurants” by The Daily Meal. They also have been called by Food and Wine magazine as “one of the most glamorous restaurants in – or outside – town.”

Having been in business for 15 years, 2941 has stood the test of time and become a favorite place for celebrations as well as date nights. When asked about its unique qualities, Michelle Marquez, Director of Private Events and Weddings, said: “We excel at helping to create beautiful memories and making people feel special. The three most distinguishing characteristics about 2941 are our beautiful views, our elegant, professional service, and our creative, award-winning food.”

What makes for great views at 2941? Notably, its waterfront views, landscaping and amazing art. The restaurant has three levels of koi ponds and waterfalls, both of which are symbolic to weddings and celebrations. “Koi fish symbolism has gained strength over the centuries to encompass numerous positive qualities related to courage, overcoming adversity, the ability to attain the highest goals, and strong character,” said Marquez. “Waterfalls, when mentioned in literature, often represent the climax of someone's life. The symbolism of water has a universal undertone of purity and fertility.” As for the landscaping around the waterfalls and koi ponds, the outdoor area and patio are great locations for wedding photographs, as they are meticulously nurtured.

And as if koi and waterfalls aren't enough symbolism for your wedding day, you can take a look at their artworks, which were all chosen for their romantic tones.

Customized Service

Don't worry about having unusual requests, as 2941 Restaurant can handle it. If they can handle an elephant transporting the groom to the restaurant, they can handle almost anything. “We worked hard on getting the proper permits and insurance and everything, but we made it happen. It was beautiful,” said Marquez. If you have more usual requests, like photo booths, signature drinks or candy buffets, they can handle that too.

But don't forget about the food! Executive Chef Bertrand Chemel, originally from France, focuses on contemporary American cuisine accented with bold French and Mediterranean flavors. “What makes 2941 unique is that the Chef can customize the menu and details for each couple based on their preferences and cultures,” said Marquez, who has over 18 years of hospitality experience.

You also need not worry about quality service, as “most of our team has worked together for many years, and any newcomers we hire are very well-seasoned professionals,” said Marquez. “We don’t trust our wedding clientele or restaurant clientele to just anybody. It takes a special person to be a part of our very caring team. Our approach to weddings is warm and friendly yet professional.”

The passion of the more than 50-person staff shows through too. “We absolutely love what we do,” she added. “We make beautiful memories. Every team member is on board about providing an excellent guest experience. Weddings are our favorite thing in the world, and we do them well. We are a surprisingly approachable option for many prospective couples.”

One recent bride told Marquez: “It was fantastic. Everything was phenomenal. The food was out of this world. The service was exceptional. The wines and drinks, to die for. Big A+!!! Many many thanks. Truly congrats on having such a superb standard.”

To learn more about the 2941 Restaurant, located at 2941 Fairview Park Drive in Falls Church, for your upcoming wedding or other special event, visit them at


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